Fill vacancies fast, with less work.

When you have vacancies, every second counts. ProHomes puts the most time-consuming tasks on autopilot, so you can get new tenants in the door, fast. 

Take control of your rental units

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Create leasing info once, and use it forever.

Create a listing once per unit, then flip a switch to let ProHomes and Sara, the voice of ProHomes, take it from there. When a unit becomes available again, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. ProHomes remembers your listing information so all you have to do is activate it again.

Talk to only self-screened prospective tenants

Many callers know little about a property, especially when they call after seeing a For Rent sign outside the property. Let ProHomes give them all the information first, with the option to speak to you if they’re interested. You only talk with self-screened candidates, saving you time and energy.

Flip a switch to turn your listing on and off

Next time your unit becomes available, flip the switch and ProHomes will publish all your saved information again without any extra work on your part. When you’ve filled the vacancy, turn your listing off and your listing will be saved for next time.

Enter as much information as you like

You can add basic information such as availability date and number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and advanced information, like square footage of each room and parking space availability. How much you add is up to you.

Keep listing information on hand for every unit

If you manage more than one rental unit, fill out leasing information for each one. You’ll be ready to activate your listing as soon as you learn of an upcoming vacancy.

Instantly publish your listing to over 20 rental sites

You don’t have to post your listing site by site. Create your listing once and ProHomes will publish it to more than 20 popular rental sites immediately. A wider reach gets you the right resident faster.

Keep your private number, private

Your ProHomes listing publishes your rental unit’s designated ProHomes phone number, not your personal number. Use the designated number on everything, including any on-site signs.

Help on-demand.

If you ever have any questions while working with rent reminders, or any other feature in your ProHomes account, just call or start a live chat with us. We’re available Monday–Friday, 7am - 4pm, PST