Features built with super landlord powers.

We’re landlords, and we know what it’s like — your cell phone rings nonstop, you have service calls to juggle and properties to fill fast, and you’re on-call 24/7.

That’s why we designed every feature in ProHomes to help you take the heat off. Keep your cool and enjoy being a landlord again.

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Get new tenants in the door, fast

ProHomes makes the big task of filling vacancies easier.

Describe your rental unit once without repeating yourself

Save time by letting ProHomes tell incoming callers about your rental property for you. Automating this task gets you closer to filling a unit with less legwork.

Publish your listing to 20+ rental sites

Now you don’t have to post your listing site by site. Post it once and we’ll publish it on over 20 popular rental sites. A wider reach gets you the right resident faster.

Talk to only self-screened prospective tenants

Many callers know little about a property, especially when they call after seeing a For Rent sign outside the property. Let ProHomes give them all the information first, with the option to speak to you if they’re interested. You only talk with self-screened candidates, saving you time and energy.

Take control of your rental units.

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Handle your service calls 24/7
without disrupting your day.

Let ProHomes do the legwork, so you can focus on other tasks.

Know now, and avoid bigger problems later

When your tenants feel free to call anytime day or night without worrying about bothering you, they’re more likely to call about smaller issues, before they snowball into bigger problems – saving you extra time and giving them peace of mind.

Route requests directly to service providers

If you have a trusted handyman or property manager, ProHomes gives you the option of having the calls routed right to your vendor. You'll still get access to the messages to stay in the loop.

Receive the notice first, and forward it on

You can also opt to receive the requests first, then forward them to the appropriate vendor right from your email, voicemail or text. This allows you to easily share information and track the work.

More ways to manage your tenants with ease and automation.

Work more efficiently while being more attentive.

Communicate by text, email and phone, simultaneously

ProHomes makes communicating with your tenants and contacts effortless. Set up automated calls, texts and emails to inform tenants of things like lawn mowing or other routine maintenance. And remind contacts about important information, like approaching deadlines, saving you call after call.

Keep a history with stored files for each unit

Keep organized with important documents at your fingertips. Store files for each unit, such as lease agreements, so you can find them quickly when you need them.

Take control of your rental units.

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Collect rent on time, every time.

We’ll take care of rent reminders, so you don’t have to.

Set up recurring rent reminders

Create recurring calls, texts and emails to remind tenants when rent is due, so you don’t have to make that call every month. Let Sara, the voice of ProHomes, deliver a courteous message, or script your own. The reminder will be sent on the same day, at the same time every month, so you never have to worry about your tenants forgetting again.

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Take control of your rental units.

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Work your way, on your terms

We believe landlording should be part of your life, not your whole life.

Set your own business hours

You tell ProHomes when you want to take calls, and when you want us to handle them for you. If you choose not to be disturbed, we’ll give callers a pre-scripted message or one you write yourself. When they leave a message, we’ll send it to your phone or email so you can respond when you’re ready.

Keep your personal phone numbers private

Each ProHomes unit is assigned a unique phone number and website portal. Your tenants can get in touch with you either way, without invading your privacy. When your phone rings, you’ll know exactly why they are calling, so you don’t have to disrupt your day by picking up unknown numbers.

Get in touch fast with contact info in one place

Store information for all your landlording contacts—tenants and service providers—so you never have to dig around for phone numbers or email addresses. Find numbers for your tenants, helpers, vendors and friends at a moment’s notice.