We needed to make landlording easier, so we did.

Our Vision

A better world for landlords, tenants and service.

When landlording is easier, landlords work smarter, tenants are happier, vendor relationships are more in sync, and life just runs more smoothly. We’re constantly innovating new ideas into our product to make your workflow more automated, so that everyone involved in rental properties can benefit.

Our Team

A shared passion for landlording.

ProHomes is the brainchild of two PhDs in electrical engineering with the passion of transforming industries. After managing properties themselves, they decided to bring modern business techniques they had achieved in other industries and apply them to landlording. As a whole, our team manages about 600 properties and knows firsthand how demanding and frustrating landlording can be. But with ProHomes — and Sara — we can all landlord smarter, and easier.

Our Commitment

We’re here to help.

Our whole goal is to help people make landlording easier, and we want to make sure you get the most out of ProHomes. Whether you manage one or multiple rental units, we’ll help you get set up, train you on how to use all the features and support you while using the product. We welcome the opportunity to talk to you and to receive your feedback on how you like it. Reach out anytime by calling 877-721-3101.

Partner with us

Let’s get the word out, together.

If you’re in real estate, property management or a related field and work with people who could benefit from ProHomes, we’d love to talk. We can work together to share ProHomes with others and transform the landlording industry. Call us at 877-721-3101.

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