Rent reminders keep everyone on time

Let’s face it. Not every tenant pays their rent on time, every time, and the first of the month can sneak up on you, too. Rent reminders go a long way in helping everyone stay organized and on time.

Take control of your rental units.

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No excuses: Automate your rent reminders.

ProHomes takes the hassle out of reminding your tenants when rent is due by automating your rent reminders. Sara, the voice of ProHomes, makes the calls for you, so you can focus on other tasks. Tenants appreciate reminders so they don’t fall behind, and you never have to worry about them forgetting again.

Set it and forget it

Set your reminder to send on the same day at the same time of every month so you never have to think about it again.

Tell Sara what to write or say

ProHomes comes with a courteous message already written and recorded. Or you can draft your own to add a personal touch. Include your tenant’s name and other details, if you like.

Best Landlording Tip

Give your tenants a week’s notice, or less. If you remind them too soon, they’ll have time to forget again!

See your sent messages

ProHomes keeps a record of all messages sent by the system. Check your activity tab for peace of mind that your messages went out as scheduled, and see if they were opened by your tenants.

Choose who receives reminders

Who should receive rent reminders for each unit? Select the tenant’s name from a dropdown list, or add them as a new contact. Whether you send rent reminders to one or more tenants per unit is up to you.

Take control of your rental units.

Try it now for free

Select how to send rent reminders

Better yet, ask your tenants how they’d prefer to receive rent reminders so your messages are always helpful and welcome.

By phone

Sara will call your tenants for you and leave a message if they’re not available. The call will come from the unit’s designated ProHomes phone number, keeping your private number private.

By email

Sara will send a note to your tenant’s inbox each month. The email will come from, your trusted assistant.

By text

Sara will send your tenants a quick text reminder. Like with a phone call, the text will come from the unit’s designated ProHomes phone number.

Help on-demand.

If you ever have any questions while working with rent reminders, or any other feature in your ProHomes account, just call or start a live chat with us. We’re available Monday–Friday, 7am - 4pm, PST