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October 1, 2015

Landlord Problems - Constant Curiosity Calls

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Landlord Problems - Constant Curiosity Calls

One of the headaches of managing rental properties is constantly answering curiosity calls.

"How much is the rent?"

"What schools are nearby?"

"Are utilities included?"

"How old is the carpet?"

"Is there cable hook up?"

"Do you allow pets?"

And to top it all off, these calls are most likely coming in on your private number.

You can't ignore those calls because you need to get your rental property filled, but do you really need to talk to every prospective renter? Or, if you let all of your calls go to voice mail, do you really want to have to listen to all of them?

Let ProHomes Solve Your Landlord Problems

Sign Up for ProHomes

When you list a property on your ProHomes account, you'll get a dedicated phone number to use for tenant calls, so you don't have to publicize your private number.

When prospective tenants call, they'll listen to a recording of all the information about the property.At the end of the message, callers will have the option to speak to you, if they’re still interested.

You only talk with self-screened candidates!

And when a call does come through, your phone will show the ProHomes number letting you know that it's a call about the property.

So what are you waiting for? Another call?

Sign up for your FREE ProHomes account today!

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